On the Painting Table Pre 8th...

So with 8th Edition only three days away, its time to assess how I am doing on getting my Ultramarines painted.

So first up this box contains the models that need basing (grey paint and then gravel + snow + shrubs).

While not many in here nearly all other models need this stage as well! 

This box contians the models that are painted, but need their Nuln Oil wash (I have run out of Nuln Oil!), and then they need to hit the basing step! 

Here is the box of Vehicles, it contains, 2 Predators, 3 Drop Pods, 1 Landraider, 1 Spartan Assault Tank, 1 Sicaran Battle Tank

For the weekend I would like to have the Drop Pods. Spartan & Sicaran most of the way there....

And finally the remaining models to actually paint (there are another 10 Veterans sitting on the actual paint table as well!)

This doesnt look too bad finally, with only 20 Veterans, 1 Onager Dune Crawler, 1 Tech Priest & 10 Skitari to paint. 

I do also have a Thanatar - Calix and 3 Thallax to paint, but they arent imperative for 8ths release, unless I find their rules in the Imperium FW index...