First list attempt - 2,000 points Ultramarines

So last time out we had a look at what has happened to my 7th Edition lists, and how many points / power level they are now in 8th.

This time I am going to aim for a nice balanced list for 2000 points.

Detachment: Battalion
Command Points: 6
Kill Points: 12
Deployment: 8-12

Lieutenant - Auto Bolt Rifle
Captain - Power Sword & Combi-Plasma

Contemptor Dreadnought, Kheres Assault Cannon, Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon, Combi-Bolter
Sicaran Battle Tank, Twin Accelerator Autocannon, Heavy Bolter
Company Veterans (5), Plasma Gun x 5

Intercessor Squad
Tactical Squad, Flamer, Heavy Bolter, Combi Flamer
Tactical Squad, Flamer, Rocket Launcher, Combi Plasma

Fast Attack

Heavy Support
Hellblaster Squad
Landraider - Godhammer

Dedicated Transport
Drop Pod - Storm Bolter

So having not played anything yet, (pure armchair hammer), this list is something I can field with what I have, it doesnt have any lords of war, and only really needs a check with my opponent for the Sicaran to check they don't mind facing that. 

It pumps out a number of shots, although is pretty lacking in Close Combat, so it relies on whittling down the opponents before they get to me.

No use vs Deep Strike, but then again its unlikely the enemy will charge the unit that is designed for combat if they deep strike in...

It should be able to deal with hordes, elite and infantry, although its not going to do the job amazingly well against one or the other, and this means that I need to make sure I focus my fire at the right target at the right time, if I can do that then it should go a long way to being able to deal with whats coming at me.