Dark Imperium

The story of 40k moving forward has me excited.

The Gathering Storm trilogy was interesting to read, touching on the first Character model I ever owned (Abaddon), and culminating in the revival of the Space Marine chapter I have thrown my lot in with . 

The story despite any issues people may have with it, hurled me back in to the 40k universe, one that I thought I had abandoned for Planetfall, Xbox and Age of Darkness.

It reminded me how much I love 40k, and that despite any other issues with Games Workshop they have one of the richest lores available. 

The new book coming out Dark Imperium, excites me as well, I dont know whether I will be reading the fluff in the Rulebook or in Dark Imperium first, I want to read them both together (appreciating that can't happen!).

The latest post on Warhammer Community has me even more excited, it is good to read about how excited the author was for this project, and how its only part 1....


I have written fluff before for chapters of my own creation, for Inquisitors I wanted to use, I havent felt drawn to doing something like that for a while, maybe now with a new time frame and new stories coming I will actually get back round to doing it again.