A painting update again.

Ok so this week I have been limited to only a few hours painting all up.

This picture shows the end of my painting session on Wednesday, with all models Calgar Blued and 10 of the Veterans with a Leadbelcher metal base. 

Now for the pictures from Thursdays painting. Here you can see I managed to get Leadbelcher on the remaining 10 Veternas, followed by the brown basecoat I use for Gold / Bone / White.

I also added a bit of metal to the Contemptor that hasnt been finished yet, and decided he would represent a Sergeant with his red helmet (obviously post Calth).

The three Bikers and three Attack bikes (not in this picture) have finally got wheels painted, rather than just being the dry brushed blue that I have left them as for far too long. 

As I am at my gaming club tonight I am very very unlikely to get anymore painting done on these guys before 8th Edition releases, but considering that a chunk of these were not even assembled a couple of months ago, and that I dont get to spend too much time on my painting I am in a pretty happy place. 

This leaves me with 20 Veterans to finish painting, 1 Biker Sergeant that needs his Plume finishing, and then most of my vehicles. 

Once they are done I have some Mechanicum, and of coures the new primaris marines to paint.

I may reach the end of this blue wave... eventually.