Triumvirate of the Primarch - Assembled

More piccys to follow, but here are the models as assembled as I can get them before I look to start painting.

First up Grand Master Voldus, minus a head. 

I have left his head out because I think it will make it easier to paint, and I am going to look about sourcing an actual Grey Knight Terminator helmet... really don't like my guys going around without something covering their noggin!

Cypher, again as assembled as I plan to get him prior to painting, I love painting cloaks, and I don't really want to hid his being the backpack until I have painted around it. 

The centre piece, now his head is still detachable and swappable, so I will be painting him without the helmet in.

Also he can be removed from his base, at least for now, although long term it will definitely make him easier to transport (and maybe even mock up another base).

Really like all three of these, although Gillian is the stand out for me, I will look to get some scale pictures next to the FW one shortly.