Master of the Signal & Legion Centurion/Praetor

Having recieved these guys last Monday, I have finally managed to get them assembled. 

I did some minor kitbashing (I wouldn't really call it a conversion) on each, although the majority of the tweaks came to the Centurion/Praetor. 

So first up, the Master of the Signal, easy and straight forward to build after washing him in warm soapy water.

The only change here was for me to use one of the MkVI shoulder pads you get in the Ultramarines upgrade pack, claiming him to my chapter.

Other than that I like the pose he has already, and he is definitely ready to reign fiery death from above on my enemies! 

I included a picture of the original as a comparison point. 

Next up we have the Centurion/Praetor that was originally meant to be a Legion Champion. In all honesty this guy is a big part of why it has taken me so long to order this kit as I just didn't like the model in the pictures (see below).

However having received him, I have realised what I don't like is the sword, and the arm poses. I wasn't too keen on the shoulder pad with a skull hanging off it (that doesn't really feel like something one of Roboute's sons would do).

So for him it was kit-bash time! 

He is currently built up from:

A Head from the MkVI Ultramarines upgrade Sprue
A Shoulder pad from the MkVI Ultramarines upgrade Sprue
A power axe hand (sawn off) from the arm you get int the Assault marines box - counting as the Legate Axe. 
The Sergeants arm from the MkIII Marine set.
The Spare arm from the Cult Mechanicus Dominus (Representing a Binoic replacement), with a gun that I am going to count as an Aerotech Pistol where required.

With all of the above he now looks like:

All in all I am pretty happy with his pose, his Helmet crest might be a little bit over the top, but I think this guy works pretty well, clearly leading from the front, and not afraid to get hurt! 

(will work on some better in close pictures soon!)