Kharadron Skyfleet begun

So with 8th edition sounding more and more like Age of Sigmar, and the fact I have been eying Age of Sigmar for a while (I have a load of Stormcast that I need to paint).

Dwarves have always been one of the factions that I loved in Warhammer (although Dark Elves & Lizards are also up there). 

The Fyreslayers didnt interest me, mostly because I hate painting flesh, bu the Kharadron Overlords look just the way I want, not quite those Space Dwarves, but still fantastic, and they have ships! 

Anyway I decided to pick up the start of a force as you can see above, and below you can see them assembled. 

I didnt glue the arms for the special weapon options to make painting a little easier. 

Then I went down the spray paint route, the Admiral as you can see will stand out from the crowd with the gold base coat, while the Arknaught Company had a Leadbelcher base.

So far I am thinking that I will be going for a red / black colour scheme, we will see how that looks as I paint them though!