Formations Gone + Flyers are no longer Fast Attack

Some damn good news as far as I am concerned, might not fix everything, but should make a nice difference.

You can read the full post from GW here.

However I have pulled out the images for some quick thoughts. 

Formations are gone, levelling the playing field across all factions which is awesome and should go some way to helping redistribute the power level of all factions. 

Battlefiled roles, looks pretty much as you would expect, with two exceptions. 

Dedicated Transports being separate (they always sort of have been), and Flyers are now their own choice. 

First up the Patrol detachment, gives the most flexibility on what you want to spend your points on, as you only have two compulsory choices, the flip side is that you can't get quite as many choices elsewhere. 

The Battalion detachment, more options here, but at a higher price of 2 HQ and 3 Troops being mandatory, beyond that though you can have upto 6 elite choices! 

The full whack, not sure how this would work in smaller games (as you will need some seriously cheap things to fill out your compulsory to let you really rack up other options), but this can mean troops become a massive option (it technically allows you to field that full company of Tactical marines if you wanted... although with the other compulsory choices I think you would be looking at over 3k of points (in current game turns).

Did you notice anything all of these detachments had in common? They all allowed a max of 2 flyer choices, now without seeing how the lists are built we can't be sure of what impact that might have, but it certainly looks likes flyers might be getting capped down a bit (unless they all become squadrons), and I wonder what this means for the flying bagel?

There are apparently 9 other detachments out there so I think we can expect to see all kinds of interesting things appearing, but these look to be based on the standard CAD (hence them being the ones they show us), and once again its just getting me more excited for 8th.