Dark Souls - As a Knight - Game Report

This picture sums up a bit of how my first foray into Dark Souls went.... while I didnt complete the whole solo game (reading the rules as I went took up too much time) I did manage to get to a boss, who soundly kicked my butt. 

So first up, how do you setup a game of Dark Souls? Well very much like this, you get your bonfire tile (bottom left corner), and then you draw our four random floor tiles. 

You get to place the tiles how you want as long as doors connect to doors, the final door exit has the fog gate, and this leads to the boss. 

You then randomly draw out some encounter cards based off the stats on your boss card ( in this case I got 3 easy and 1 medium), they again are placed randomly, with the exception to this being that the hardest encounters should start close to the fog gate. 

This allows for some truly interesting games and a great replayability as you will unlikely face the same encounter twice. 

As I was playing it solo style, I got 18 souls to upgrade my character with / buy equipment, the white boxes in the grid represent the upgrades I bought.

I was probably a little bit meta gaming here, but I bought my self item upgrades from the treasure deck (randomly generate) and then upgraded my stats to allow me to use them.

As you can lose souls if you die I spent all 18 on getting me ready! 

As I entered the first room I Screwed up, not even in game screwed up, I mean rules screwed up! The trap tockens dont go along the outer edges of a tile if there is a door way on the wall... allowing you to enter a room and not get hit by a trap till you decide to move onto it. 

And the screw up was that I took damage by failing to dodge a trap that shouldnt have been there! 

Oh the horror of red damage cubes! 

When I realised my mistake I just reset the encounter to get it right.

The ten boxes at the bottom are filled from left to right with black boxes for stamina spent and right to left with red for health lost, you do not want the two to meet! 

The stamina spent did boost my damage enough to kill my first enemy in one mighty blow though! I then forgot to take enough pictures as I ran round the room killing everything... I survived my first encounter! 

I dont have too much extra detail for the rest, but here are some quick snaps of the two follow up rooms I opened up! 

Four Enemies here! 

and another four here (plus a bigger gribbly!)

I look forward to round 2 where I will try another random character out!