Dark Souls - As a Herald - Game Report

So for this play through I randomly selected a Herald as my starting Character, having been the Knight that now leaves me the Assassin and Warrior.

The board setup looks like this, using the derelict swamp tiles instead of the ruined mansion.

My mini boss was the Titanite Demon, and he has 1 easy, and 3 medium difficulty encounters! Not looking forward to that! 

You start with 18 souls to upgrade your character into single player, and I spent 15 of them, 7 on drawing equipment, and 8 on upgrading my stats to allow me to use said equipment.  

After all the upgrades here is what I chose to venture into the dungeon with, 3 souls saved for later upgrades! 

Room 1, having not used this guy before, was the easy encounter to avoid the risk of instant death. 

Typically (for me) it was a trapped room, with a Hollow Crossbow man and two Hollow Warriors.

I was luck in here as I risked a charge straight forward to deal with the crossbow (range 1 weapons are kinda nice!)

I managed to one shot all three of enemies without taking any damage, something I can't complain about and the one trap I stood on turned out to be not a trap at all! 

Room 2, my first of the medium encounters, this time giving me a Large Hollow Soldiers & Two Silver Knights. 

This is where it went wrong. You see two of the enemies here were knocking around with 2 armour (reducing any damage I do by 2), and as they had a better movement than I expected I was quickly taking damage, making it risky to spend the stamina to do the damage back to them. 

I was consistently rolling 2 damage, but it was being blocked. In the end I misjudged when to use my Flask, and ended up dying with all my buffs unused, and 5 souls (3 left over + 2 from the previous room) being dropped to the floor!  

So I rest and recharge at the bonfire, I run into the first room to plough through the enemies again, this time I fail to kill the crossbowmen, having spent 2 stamina! to then fail to dodge or block sufficnent  damage that turn (Even with a re-roll), taking an additional 10 damage, with only 8 available... back to the bonfire we go!

And again, I got through room 1, but couldnt deal with room 2, and i could (and potentially should have) tried room 3, but when I eventually unlock it that would not have been a good choice!)

So what do I do? Well I restart, I leave the board and encounters as they are, reshuffle the traps I will need and re-roll my character. 

So second time round and the above picture is how my guy looks, the weapon is better off the cuff (2 or 3 dice, rather than 1 or 1 dice + 1 damage), with an upgrade for +1 damage all the time! 

The armour isnt as good, not as much protection vs spells, but worth a try. 

So I restart, room 1 falls with no damage, room 2 (pictured above) falls with no damage (thankfully the activation order means i got pushed out of the way of the Hollow mans charge!).

I kept dancing around the room to make sure I didnt get swamped. 

The chest unlocked for these beauties, not that I could use them yet! 

Room three (with the fog gate), which means that I would have to refight it regardless, but I was on a roll and wanted to see how it went. 

This sword and upgrade, its amazing! Room 3 fell, I got hurt, but flew through it. 

Room 4 (glad i didnt try this with my old weapon), 5 enemies, lots of risk, but I went through them all pretty quickly.

Four rooms cleared and 8 souls earned, time to go back for upgrades! 

After resting (down to 4 sparks) here is my new character sheet, I dropped his relic that allow him to restore stamina, and went for two weapons to give me options (plus I hadnt used the orange dice before!)

Another quick run through room 1 done without a problem, (skipped room 4), room 2, killed me, dropping two souls. 

Down to 3 sparks left, cleared room 1, room 2 (and collected my souls), room 3 with no real challenges. 

Time for the mini boss!

Now at this point around house work, speaking to the wife and other things it was getting late so I knew I would only really get one chance at the boss (Even with sparks spare)

However this record and pictures means i can replay this easily enough from here to see how it goes! 

I got him down to 7 health before his reworked deck (I had survived two turns of it) whacked me across the head, needing to rethink what to do (and that was 8 souls dropped in the boss room to boot!)

All in all a very fun evening learning the game (to hopefully speed it up when I get to play it with others), and I look forward to my next try!