8th Ed Meltaguns

Just a quick post. 

The FW datasheet went up on Warhammer Community.

It shows that Leviathan Dreadnoughts are now available for Chaos players, which is kinda awesome! 

However what interested me most (other than it being Power 16 vs Power 6 for an Intercessor squad), was the inclusion of stats for the humble meltagun.

Of course its possible meltaguns could be different for other units, but I doubt it, so at least now we know what these babies look like.

Same range, same number of shots;


Its wounding T4 or less on 2's but anything of higher toughness gets a boost of only being wounded on 3's.

Against a Leviathan Dreadnought (that used to be AV13) lets look at its wound chances, based on a successful hit:

Scenario A - you are within 12", but over 6" away. 
  • 7th Ed - 33% chance to damage (5 for a glance, 6 for a pen)
  • 8th Ed - 50% chance to damage

Scenario B - You are within 6"
  • 7th Ed - 83% chance to damage
  • 8th Ed - 50% chance to damage
So you can see that at 12", the Meltagun is more likely to wound the Leviathan, where has its less likely to damage it within 6". 

Of course in 7th Edition either range, 12" or 6" the chances of you destroying actually exist, whereas in 8th, no single Meltagun is taking the Leviathan down in 1 shot! 

-4 AP brings 2+ down to a 6+, and anything worse doesn't get a save (so I suspect Terminators net out about the same against them as you would use your Invulnerable, if they still have one)


Its interesting to see it with a D6 damage stat, and better to see it being roll two D6 and discard the lowest within half range. 

In Summary

Glad your vehicles are less likely to get one shot (I know they said that, but good to see it as well)

Overall still excited for 8th Edition!