The Ultramarines

Ultramarines Assemble! 

So this is my complete Ultramarines force, minus 8 Marines still to be built, 10 MkIII marines and 3 Bikers. 

A few more piccys after the jump.

So here we have over 100 Ultramarines (over a full company)

In the picture above we cover the right flank or the force, Starting with the Contemptor Talon, Two Veteran Squads, A Heavy Bolter Support Squad, and ten Tartaros Cataphrattci Terminators

On the left flank, we have a Thallax Cohort, three Attack Bikes, ten Tartaros terminators, and 9 Rocket Launchers. 

Don't forget the 40k Guilliman lurking in the corner! 

In the centre we have three 12 man Tactical Squads, three 6 man Support Squads, Guilliman, Spartan Assault Tank, Sicaran Battle Tank, plus the characters (Praetors, Consuls, Centurions)