The Nunico Vox's

So with the Command Upgrade Sprue you get the Head & Backpack for two Nunico Vox's. 

These provide you additional lines of site for your Master of the Signal to help reduce the scatter when calling in orbital strikes. 

For these two I ordered the Mk IV upgrade set, and at the time had 10 spare Mk IV marines unassembled. 

Now I didnt want these guys with just the usual bolter crossing their chest, so it was kit-bash time to get something more in line with what I saw in my head. 

That ended up with me grabbing two spare Deathwatch right arms (their scanners look like something useful for these guys to have), and two left arms.

In all four cases they either came without the hand connected, or I cut the hand off. 

For the Right arms they then just get the standard Boltgun (these guys are going in the tactical squads), the left hands are then from the Grey Knight strike squad kit, so I have one of my Nunico's pointing at his target while another has his arm down, while gunning away at something. 

What do you guys think? I am really happy with the outcome here!