Tech Priest Domnius - WIP

Not a huge amount to this post to be honest, the Tech Priest Dominus is fun to put together, and as with most of the more recent GW molds you struggle to find the joins I feel as they work naturally into the pose of the model.

This guy actually costs the same as the Mechanicum one from FW, I am sure I will pick that guy up at some point so will aim to do a side by side if I get there. 

I didnt worry about his wepaons too much and just went with the rule of cool, and attached what I liked the look of.

Very much looking forward to painting this guy! 


jabberjabber said…
Long live the rule of cool!
I really like this model and got one for myself a while back. One of the simplest conversions to do is to rotate the "hips" (if I can call them that) by 180 degrees to give the model a bit more height. I'll have to post mine at some point.
Kraggi said…
I look forward to seeing it!