Skitarii Vanguard / Adsecularis Covenant

With my recent purchase of the Skitarii getting started box, I now have the beginnings of my Mechanicum force. 

More after the jump! 

My plan for the Skitrarii Vanguard, is to use them as the Adsecularis Covenant (basically tech thralls).

With that in mind I went for the Vanguard heads & Weapons, for now I plan on counting these guys as using Laslocks (the sub machine gun look, will explain their Assault 2).

The downside is that the Tech Thralls dont really have a Sergeant that has other equipment, nor do they have special weapons. 

And this causes me a problem as there are actually only 9 weapons held in arms, and one spare gun that has no hands on it. 

This technically means I need another two boxes to bring me to a full 20 Tech Thralls.... thoughts for another time.

In the mean time here they are assembled, and ready to rock ( well 9 of them at least!)

For 40k, the Vanguard sound like a good choice, I just now really need to get the Codex bought so I can actually begin thinking about what I want to do with them. 

At the moment I can see me picking another box of Getting Started up, to double me up on all my options, that at least garuntees me 18 Tech Thralls, even if the last two have to become something else for 40k! 


Skitarii basic weapons can be had very cheap on Ebay.
Kraggi said…
Thanks KoIR,

Will have a look for them! Rechecking the sprues I found one Carbine with no hands holding it so maybe there is the option to just convert one of the models so its slung over their shoulder as well!