Onager Dunecrawler

The Onager is a bit of a monster to put together, although that could be because I never get more than 10 minutes to actually glue the model around the weather / my toddler etc. 

Some quick different snaps of the Dunecrawler, guns not attached till i figure out how I should tweak things so its easy to swap.

As you can see from the two shots below, the lower section legs are still mobile, at least until I figure out what will be on the base. 

The three weapon options I have opted for, although all of them are balanced rather than glued, or tacked or magnetised. 

Very happy with the kit now it is together, and its weapon options (all four of them) are not mutually exclusive which is nice. 

You can easily make three of them (the Eradicator, Neutron Laser & Phosper Blaster) so you can swap them about. 

The Icarus array requires some extra thinking, but if you are good with magents then you should find it easy enough (I am not, so didnt!)

I plan to keep this guy in two pieces as best I can for ease of Transport but we will see if the Head section needs to be attached or if I can come up with another method that works well! 

I elected to not add to much extra gubbins to the model beyond its basic assembly instructions, partly because I have ideas & plans for all those extra Ad Mech pieces, so saving any I could seemed like a good idea!