On the Painting / Model Table - The Year so far...

At the end of 2016 my review looked a lot like this. Worth some time to look at how this year has gone for me so far...

Including Gaming, Painting & Assembly updates...


Yes well... we are around 13 weeks in to the year and I have managed 4 games so far (and one of those we didnt finish! 

A little bit off my target set at the beginning of the year! 


Ok... so I didnt have this bit at the beginning of the year, and I should have, however this list has only really gone up, with a bit of luck I should be able to mark these all as completed by the June version of this! 

10 MkIII marines (WIP)

10 MkIV marrines (WIP)
1 Roboute Guilliman (40k)
1 Grey Knight Grandmaster
1 Cypher
3 Space Marine Bikers
1 Spartan Assault Tank - Completed!
1 Sicaran Battle Tank - Completed!
1 Legion Champion
1 Legion Master of the Signal
1 Thanatar Calix
3 Thallax
1 Onager Dunecrawler - Completed!
10 Skitarri Vanguards - Completed!
1 Tech Priest Dominus - Completed!
5 Sisters of SIlence
Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter - need to assess what of this is being kept and what is belng sold (prerry sure the Scourge and UCM are not going anywhere though! 


30/40k Ultramarines

I still have a chunk of guys to paint here, around 70 Infantry Marines, 15 Terminators, 1 Landspeeder, 3 Drop Pods, 3 Predators
Roboute Guillman

None of the stuff I listed at the beginning of the year is finished, although i have made some serious progress on the Terminators & Infantry. 

Batch painting is the most efficent (in my mind), but it does mean you go a long way between painted models if you are doing them in batches of 40+


5 Veterans
1 Deathwatch Captain
5 Vanguards
1 Dreadnought

Blood Bowl

Human Team
Ork Team

Gates of Antares - (Actually going on my sell list!)

Ghar - Two Battle Squads plus some Outcasts
Concord - 2 Squads

Aquan Assault Helix - 3 Tanks to complete
- The good news is that this would then mean I have fully painted ALL my planetfall models for my Aquans, been a while since I actually fully completed an army! 

In Summary
Two thirds of the year left to go through, time to up the time spent painting to knock out some more of these models! 

It would be nice to have all the Ultramarines I have now painted by December... maybe that should be a target for me?!