Mechanicum Thanatar Calix Unboxing

So this bad boy arrived last weekend, and its taken me a little bit of time to collect the parcel and get it all opened, but here are some shots of me unboxing it!

Lots of pictures after the jump.

Unlike all the other items in the order (including the Storm Eagle!) this guy comes in his own little box.

The bag of resiny goodness, and his base.

And then a load of pictures of all the pieces laid out, really need to think about how I want to build him, there are four foot options (two for each foot) that allow you to do one foot raised if you so wish!

Really should have included something for a scale comparison, but this is the upper body, and is the largest piece. 

His Lascannon, might only be 1 shot, but its better than other Lascannons out there! 

The ammo feeds that I am a tiny bit worried about as they will need (i suspect) rebending to be posed, and I have always struggled with that! 

Another shot of the body, this time from the front.. cannot wait to get him assembled.

I will make sure when he is built I get some side by sides of some of the other items to give you a bit of a scale perspective for him, I dont think he is as big as I had in my mind, but he isnt going to be tiny by any stretch!