Getting Started Skitarii

A quick post today, about the box of Goodies I got for 30/40k. 

More after the jump! 

I have been interested in the Skitarii / Cult Mechanicus since they came out, its just taken me a long time to divert funds to them. 

Now however with the increasing number of 30k events and players I find these guys will scratch a couple of itches for me, doubling up as a Tech Priest Dominus & Tech Thralls for 30k, and their own Skitarii version for 40k. 

The box contents in the box, and below out of the box in to the three units they make. 

And the ever useful formation, re-rolling to hit isnt too shabby for these guys 18" isnt to be sniffed at, but with no troop transports will take a bit of effort to get them in the best place I think.