Forgeworld Order has Arrived! (Ultramarines & Mechanicum)

So with the other part of my Bonus that I am allowed to spend, I decide to get the final additions to the Ultramarines (for now at least), and venture into another army.

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This time I picked up:

Legion Champion

Legion Master of the Signal
Thallax Cohort with Plasma Fusil
Thanator Calix

Etched Brass Ultramarine Symbols

MkIV Command Upgrade Pack

Storm Eagle (for someone else).

Below is a quick snap of the models in the packaging, with luck I will get you some unboxing posts over the next few weeks! 

Very much look forward to completing the few outstanding Ultramarine squads I have now wthat I actually own the Nunico Vox's I have been needing. 

Some quick snaps from the day they arrived, nothing opened yet, but I have time this week so should have more pictures next week! 

The Thanatar Calix is nicely boxed up

The Brass Etchings & Thallax

The Storm Eagle (we will need to await pictures from the person this is going to, to see if assembled / in bits etc!)

The Master of the Signal, Legion Champion & Command Upgrade pack. 

All the glorious bits together!