Dark Souls The Board Game - Unboxing

So this arrived recently, and boy have I been looking forward to opening it! 

First up a quick snapshot of a Contemptor dreadnought next to the side of the box to help you appreciate how big this box is!

And another shot of the Contemptor next to it and a Landraider on top of it, this box is huge!

I had to laugh at this, while i haven't actually played the video games, this being on top of the box made me laugh.

Removing the you have died warning / premonition you get your first glance at the contents. The card board contains some of the models while the rest contains all your cards --- clearly for the UK, I wonder if these sets will be worth more after Brexit?

The card holder has a lot of items in it, and I have to admit its a little more intimidating

The cubes to show where your stats, health and stamina are at... generally the more red / black the worse you are doing! 

The connectors for boss life dials. 

And when you get past all of that you get to the boxes for the models. 

and under those you get all the card pieces for the boards & tokens.

Emptying the box out and you can now see are the rulebooks & card tokens. 

Here are the four character cards that you get in the starter box.

The Herald

The Warrior

The Assassin

The Knight

Here are the 9 tiles you get in the box

Here is the Bonfire

The only minor issue (assuming there even is one) is that there are still small tags at the edges of the tiles, not even sure this picture has captured it, and a quick hobby knife will fix it. 

This is the main token square, as you have seen in previous shots there are additional tokens on the bottom of each of the character sheets. 

Trap tokens... hate em. 

When you pull the Boss models out of the cardboard you find out (to my surprise) that the models are nicely contained in a plastic cover, something that will keep the models protected in the future. 

A couple of quick shots with the Ultramarine models for size comparisons, these bosses are not small!

Getting a couple of these models out next to the contemptor you can see that the bosses are a decent size, and hopefully these pictures capture the detail of them! 

This time I got a picture of the other models coming out of the cardboard. 

Another comparison shot of an enemy (in Silver), the Warrior (in Brown), and the contempt for scale! 

The rule book is paper back (which helps cut down on the weight), and is nicely presented. 

The rulebook picture quality is good and crisp, and from what I have read it well laid out.

The back of the box has a nice quick cheat sheet of what all the icons mean, nothing useful to me at all here as I haven't read the rules yet, but I imagine it will help moving forward. 

All in all this has been a decent game to look through, not sure how I will do the models, weather I will leave them as is (because they look ok, and you can't screw it up if you don't paint it), but I look forward to my first few games while I learn the rules, before getting down to a game or two with some friends! 

If you see it to buy or have a FLGS to order it from what i have seen so far I can recommend it, however we will see how it plays!