2017 Resolutions & Last Year in Review

Happy New Year, fingers crossed 2017 meets all your hobby needs & wants! 

So at this time I have a fair old number of projects on the go.

With the annual event of Carronade coming up in April (i.e sell what you dont use) I really need to have some clear ideas of what I am keeping or dropping.

What did I manage in 2016?

Well I did get the following painted;

30k/40k - 46 Models
30 Tactical Marines
5 Cataphrattci Terminators
2 Contemptor Dreadnoughts
2 Cataphrattci Captains
1 Landraider
3 Attack Bikes
3 Centurions

Planetfall - 85 models
Rense System Navy Assault Helix (1 Leviathan, 1 Building, 6 Lights)
Aquan Ground Attack Helix (2 Heavy Flyers, 3 Light Flyers)
Aquan Command Helix (1 Tank, 4 Lights, 8 Infantry)
Aquan Ja-Fu Shami x 2
Directorate Command Helix (1 Arbiter tank, 2 Trojans, 6 Deadlock Stands)
Directorate Recon Helix (5 lights, 2 Transports, 4 Deadlock Stands, 6 Infantry Stands)
Aquan Infantry - 6 Sweeper Teams, 6 Gun Teams, 2 Command Teams
Directorate Infantry - 9 Sweeper Teams, 6 Guns Teams, 2 Command Teams

This for me shows that last year was actually pretty damn good for me knocking out 131 models when all is said and done, much better than I thought, so fingers crossed to a more successful year next year (I will settle for less models if more armies are completed!)

Games played--- 
Well this is the drop from previous years, as I believe all up I only managed around 25-30 games spread across Planetfall & 40k, something I hope to remedy this coming year, but we will see how that plays out! 

So what do we have for 2017?:

I would like to try and be a bit more consistent this year, a monthly review preplanned and some consistent posting without overloading at specific times of year.

I appreciate that wont happen all the time but I am going to aim for it!

I have a rough idea of when I can get my gaming in now on a consistent basis in the week, so I just need to put the effort in to allow it to happen, I think I will be rotating a bit more through things like 40/30k, Planetfall and the other systems I have if possible though.

Ideally I would like to aim for around 52 games all up next year, once a week isnt too much to aim for, especially as I know I will be attending at least a couple of gaming days where I knock out 3 or so games on the day!


30/40k Ultramarines
I still have a chunk of guys to paint here, around 80 Infantry Marines, 15 Terminators, 1 Landspeeder, 3 Drop Pods, 3 Predators
Roboute Guillman

5 Veterans
1 Deathwatch Captain
5 Vangaurds
1 Dreadnought

Blood Bowl
Human Team
Ork Team

Gates of Antares - Possibly on my sell list...
Ghar - Two Battle Squads plus some Outcasts
Concord - 2 Squads

Aquan Assault Helix - 3 Tanks to complete
- The good news is that this would then mean I have fully painted ALL my planetfall models for my Aquans, been a while since I actually fully completed an army!