Ultramarine Veteran Squads

Another batch of assembled model pictures, although a lot more boring I imagine! 

I traded one of my MKIII squads back to my brother for a set of MKIV (which still need assembling), however, these two squads will function as both:

A: Sternguard in 40k
B: Veteran Squads in 30k

I like the idea that the Veteran Squads have the older versions of the armour compared to their brethern (especially as its nothing other than a sign of age in the legion, as MKIV doesnt do anything different! 

The first squad will be my first unit with Meltaguns in it, two of the guys will have meltaguns rather than the Stalker pattern bolts.

While the second squad I am still torn over, but think I will end up with them having Heavy Bolters... I think!