Deadzone Campaign - The Basics

**** Another old post, written for the V1 of Deadzone, but I dont see why it couldnt be adjusted to work with V2 of Deadzone! ***

So my brother and I are intending on playing a bit of a Deadzone campaign, as much for a 
playtest as for the fun of playing.

I see many posts over on Quirkworthy at the moment about Deadzone Redux, the version 2 of the rules. Most, if not all of them excite me and I look forward to getting new games in with the new version, picking up the Veer-myn faction (the only one not owned by myself or my brother), and hopefully introducing a few people to the game, even if they just use my minis.

This set of campaign rules will give us a framework to use when the new games come out and avoids some of the challenges we found when trying to play Nexus Psi.

In the Nexus Psi campaign book, the winner of the previous mission gets to pick the mission they wish to play, but the fact the Plague start by controlling all the Strategic objectives gives them a decent points boost, and basically meant that in all of our games I was able to win enough games / not loose critical ones to prevent my brother taking any of the Strategic objectives off me s the plague, after five rounds, well four in our cases the game was over as the  Plague still controlled all the objectives.

This campaign won't be as straight forward as the Nexus Psi but might work a little better to keep people interested.

Anyway without further ado, lets get to some rules.

The Factions
This campaign will work better with more players, but will equally work well with just two players. Each player should pick a faction they wish to control, if the Plague are not chosen then the player running the Campaign should pick a Plague strike force that will work as either an AI opponent, or as something different for you to play with / against.

After all a Containment Protocol is generally declared when the plague is detected...

Each Faction should choose themselves a Strike Team using the following rules:

200 Reputation to spend.
4 Clearance Unlocks.

The Campaign Turn
The lowest ranked Strike Team gets to pick an opponent to play, in the event of a tie, roll off to decide who picks first.

Each Strike team must play one game per Campaign turn. They may not be involved in more than one game per Campaign turn, unless specifically stated in these rules.

The player being challenged gets to choose whether the game is played using a Standard 70 point Strike team, or using a Code 13, 100 point strike team.

If during a previous game, a player discovered an Intel Marker, they can instead choose to initiate a special mission rather than a standard game from their Decks.

Intel Markers grant you access to the following missions:

Scenario X - VIP rescue
Scenario Y - Ambush!
Scenario Z - The Gauntlet
Contest a Strategic location.
Supply Raid

When one of these missions is chosen the choosing player is always the attacker.

The Contest a Strategic location, either allows them to play a game against the Plague to to capture a Strategic location, or allows them to challenge another player holding a Strategic location to try and take it off them.

The Strategic locations are:

S1 Shattered Hopes
S2 Bunker Hill
S3 Landing Zone
S4 Long Way Down
S5 Health Assurance
S6 Space Port

Strategic locations 1-5 start the game off in either the Neutral Plague control, or in the Plague players control, if there are multiple Plague factions present the plague Players roll off and then get to alternate picking which Strategic Locations they wish to control.

Strategic Location 6 is always in under the control of the Enforcers, if there are no Enforcers, then its control is decided by consulting the list below, the first faction present in the campaign within the list gains control of it.

1. Enforcers
2. Marauders
3. Forgefathers
4. Asterians
5. Rebs
6. Veer-myn

Please consult the individual missions to see what benefits each of the Strategic locations is worth to the Strike team controlling it.

On Campaign Turn 3, 6, 9 (etc)
The plagues infection reach critical mass, forcing each of the factions to ensure they do not get isolated and cut off.

Roll a D8 before deciding any missions for each faction, on a roll of an 8 their Faction is not caught up in the Zombie tide.

If the faction scored less than 8, then their faction is cut off from its main supplies and must play through the Zombie solo campaign. A team may spend Intel tokens to add 2 to the score of their dice roll if they wish to avoid this.

Each time the Zombie missions are rolled for add 1 dice to each spawn point. So in Campaign turn 3 follow the rules as written for the Zombie campaign, in Campaign turn 6 add 1 dice to each spawn location in each game, In Campaign turn 9, add 2 dice to each spawn location, etc etc).

Ending the Campaign
The Campaign ends either when the players decide to end it, or when the Plague gain control of, and keep control of the Space Port for 3 consecutive game turns. At this point the risk of the Plague getting off planet forces the Council to destroy the planet itself.

Alliteratively the campaign ends if there  is only one player with more than 50 points of their Strike team left (before new Recruits are brought in).