Deathwatch First Thoughts

All aboard the Band Wagon!

Well sort of, not knowing how 7th Edition plays now, how the meta works in my area, or even what is technically a 'good' build means I am likely to miss a trick or two (or six).

However that hasnt stopped me from picking up the ebook of Codex Deathwatch.

So far it has been fascinating reading, I love the structure of the Deathwatch force, how the Kill teams let you build some truly bizzare combinations of units.

So far my plan is:
  1. Try and make sure every model is unique
  2. Worry less about the competitive element of a build (i.e try to reduce spam unless entering into a true competition)
  3. Include a Rollcall, which will include me calling up new recruits from other Marine chapters that I face on the tabletop.
  4. See how we get along with naming the models (should keep my mind going).
So starting off small, only four objectives, and some of those can't come about till I actually play some games. 

I have managed to get my hands (well order) a copy of Death Masque where someone is going to buy the Eldar off me, which gives me a nice cheap start into a Deathwatch force. 

After that I think my Deathwatch purchases will be limited to getting one of each box / model so I have some choices.

I love the look of the Corvus Blackstar, (the front on view from the GW webstore sold me on it in a heart beat)

I like the idea of painting up all the minis then mixing and matching across the range to build some diverse kill teams, from a fluff perspective that should be pretty awesome! 

Yes... the picture at the top certainly means I will be looking at Kill Team Cassius... if nothing else its only £40 new for 11 models... which seems very good value!