Planetfall Terrans vs Aquans

My last game of Planetfall was 3500 points of pure I wonder what would happen if I did this...

More pictures and the rest of the (quick read) report after the jump! 

Not my usual 3500 point list, almost no objective taking units but very fun to play. I may be onto a winner for future tournaments lol!

Sedna x 2
Lamana x 3
Imzani x 3
Imzani x 3
Khitari x 3 (Gun Teams x 3)

El-Shami x 1
Imzani x 4

Vorati Heavy Gunship x 1

Kamari Heavy Gunship x 2
Comanu x 3

Logistics x 1

The Terrans fielded a more standard force

Vidar x 2 + Ullr MkII
Hiemdal x 3
Hiemdal x 3
Valkyrie x 5
Valkyrie x 5

Odin x 1
Valkyrie x 5

Sheriff x 1
Guardsmen x 4

A quick snap of the armies (Dragkon is in the process of repainting his models).

And the battlefield post deployment.

And post Recon.

Unfortunately I didnt get enough pictures in this game, this is turn 2 (must be because of the El-Shami's movement. 

The flyers for the Aquans completed a long flanking manovoure to turn the right flank my way, while the El-Shami anchored (sort of) my left flank. 

The Vidar you can see on the hill above had their shields to full power as I could not put additional damage on them throughout the game, and in their final turn they were only one or two damage short of taking out the Comanu

The high light of the game was nearly getting these two bad boys into CQB, standing still is so 2015, that both our Leviathans advanced on each other

As you can see from the damage he was within licking distance of killing the El-Shami.

The game finished -2 / 2 I believe after 4 turns to the Aquans, but boy was it bloody, and close the loss of the El-Shami would have given him the points he needed to swing it away from me! 


P. E. Bardo said…
What size playing space are you using for this game?
Kraggi said…
Hi P.E Bardo, we were playing on a 6 foot by 4 foot board.

The tables are slightly bigger, hence the bits showing at the edge.

That's pretty much the standard size for my games of Planetfall, at least I wouldnt go larger till we hit the 6,000 point mark.
P. E. Bardo said…
I'm just getting into planetfall and will have perhaps at most 3-4 helixes per side. My table dimensions are fairly limited; i.e. 3x6 feet. Would you say that is a decent enough space for that size game? If not, would a reduction in ranges and movements be recommended to compensate? I appreciate your input.
Kraggi said…
I think that is not to far off.

One the main things is to watch that you dont reduce the range between the forces too much, ideally a 32" gap between factions works quite well, but does favour a longer range force over a short range force.

I would say to try and keep your deployment zones 6" deep, that would keep the intial distance at 24" between forces if playing in a straight fight, if you do an angled deployment see if you can increase the gap to improve the distance.

I think Planetfall will work with any distance between forces because you can always build your force around that distance.

Hope that helps.
knightperson said…
A 4x4 table is about right up through 3000 points. I haven't played beyond that yet, although since the point value for Adepticon 2017 has been announced to be 5000, I've been playing with lists at that level.

(I play mostly Relthoza)
Kraggi said…
While initially I wanted to respond saying 4x4 is too constricted, thats probably only true at 3000 points when you setup in diagonally opposite corners because neither of you want to get close.

Most of the time we setup a 6x4 for 3000 points but end up playing in 4x4 as we dont use a chunk of the table!