Halo Fleet Battles Demo Kit

I recently order the Halo Fleet Battles demo kit as a Spartan Vanguard.

The aim of the kit is to give you all the tools you need to effectively demo the game, and for those of us just starting up (or who have never been that great at demos in their mind) this is what I hope more companies provide for their games. 

Pictures and more pictures after the jump

First up we have the lovely packing bits. 

Followed by a much smaller box that actually contains all of the demo kit.

When I opened that box this is the sight that greeted me.

And here are the contents out on display.

2 Sprues of USNC ships, 2 Sprues of Convenant ships, cardboard objects for the battlefield, 3 bags of dice, 1 set of Acrylic tokens, the rule book and stuff, flight stands and some posters. 

Some closer up shots of the Paris Frigates & Marathon Cruisers.

Followed by the Orion Carrier & more Paris Frigates. 

While here we get the CCS Battlecruiser & SDV Heavy Corvettes

Followed by the ORS Heavy Cruiser.

All in all very impressed with this kit at a reasonable price to help vanguards & stores demo the game! 

Next time some assembly pictures!