Deadzone 2.0

So with the latest rules out, my brother and I embarked on a quick game to see how it played & felt compared to the previous version. 

Initial Impressions:- Impressed. 

I didnt think that Deadzone itself was slow to play or too clunky it did suffer from too many modifiers to dice.

Now all the modifiers are generally on the attackers dice, which means that the defender usually rolls a stander 3 D8's rather than the 2-5 it used to be.

Just having to only check this on one of the rolls speeds things up immeasurably. 

We played a 125 point game across three rounds (or full game turns if you will) with a race to 12 Victory points.

It ended 12-11, a very close game with lots of deaths on each side.

The Rebs lost 8 of their 10 models, while the Asterians lost 3 of their 6. IF you shot at something and could wangle a clean shot things died last night.

From a quick pick up and play perspective this works really well, it was brutal and quick and despite not having really re-read the rules since beta, and the rulebook being on my ipad only we managed to get through the whole thing in under an hour, something that will only get faster once you both have your model stats accessible.

This is most definately a new and improved version, and one to look out for if you fancy something to tide you over till Necromunda is eventually re-released by Games Workshop.

For myself I think the two of them will play just different enough that they are worth getting into, and the Deadzone terrain doubles up nicely for 40k / Necromunda / Infinity terrain as well!

Short and sweet from me today, next time I might even get some pictures up! 


Anonymous said…
Looking forward to give DZ2 a try.