Beyond the Gates of Antares: Strike Vector One: The Xilos Horizon (Unboxing)

So... in addition to a recent purchase of Halo Fleet Battles demo kit (and another game incoming).

On another note... my name is John, and I am a gaming addict

Anyway back on topi. Gates of Antares. I have been looking at this game as an alternative to Bolt Action. 

I don't play Bolt Action, not because I don't like the gameplay, but mainly because the setting doesn't grab me, this one does though.

A quick snap of the back of the box, before lots more pictures after the jump!

So when you open the box the first thing you find is the full size, hardback rule book.

It is a gorgeous book, full colour, smells lovely (yes I am weird, but this matters, a new book that doesn't smell new isn't good).

A quick snap above of some of the pages of the book.

After you remove the rulebook, you can see the Warlord Games flyer and the quick start rules. 

When you pick up the Quick start rules, you find a quick reference card, that has flaps on it, this helps hold the contents that are underneath it in, place, and looks quite interesting, and also means it isn't buried at the bottom of all the models. 

Once you remove all of those bits, you get this view... all that new plastic! 

First up, the dice, including the Orders dice, and a selection of D3, D4, D6, D8 & D10's required for the the game. 

Now for the models, above and below are the six Ghar battle suits that make up one of the forces. 

Followed by the models from the Concord, four spurs of troops & drones plus lots of bases! 

A couple of close ups of the Concord trooper sprues. 

And then the template & pin marker sprues. 

Both of good quality, and from what i have read so far very useful to help avoid additional dice on the table (in the case of the pin markers), and of course the templates that aren't quite standard 

The flight stands for the drones, hoping they survive better than other games companies that i have used. 

And finally the metal Concord commander that is included in the box. 

Overall, very impressed with contents, looking forward to seeing how the plastics fit together, I have heard good things and don't think I will be disappointed.


ahmadan said…
Welcome to the Antares fold!
I've been playing it a fair amount recently, and it is a really nice little game.
Gates of Antares is a great game.

The starter box is a great start. I read the rules but after two games the rules gelled in my mind and we really enjoyed the mechanics and gameplay.

I just added more to my Concord and Ghar :)

My mate is repurposing his Eldar and Tau as Freeborn. I am looking forward to seeing more on your blog!

Happy Gaming,

Kraggi said…
@Ahmadan, still haven't got a game in, but Bolt Action has been drawing my eye, although the setting didn't do it for me (a bit too real for my escapism) so this looks to be right what I want. Now to balance all these games in my schedule!

@Allan and Carmen, Good idea for the Eldar and Tau as freeborn. I really like the Ghar battle suits, and impressed with the Concord models as well, although I think the Boromite might steal me away eventually really love some of their Tech!

Now to see if I can get the models painted before I buy more....