A quiet month... (well save the Pandemic, Legacy & Planetfall!)

Playing games has been pretty decent since my last post, despite virtually no posts by me on the blog (this is the usual beginning of Summer lull I seem to hit each year!

I have managed:

Several Games of Pandemic (fallen in love with this game!)
Two Months (one replay) of Pandemic Legacy (no spoilers in this post)

Aquan vs Terrans (Aquan Victory)
Aquan vs Directorate (Directorate Victory)

Aquan vs Relthozans (Aquan Victory)

I also managed to order myself the Halo Fleet Battles demo kit that is available to the Spartan Vanguards, so I can begin introducing people to this.

Hopefully some more posts in the next month with a few more games, and a bit of detail around the army list I used for the tournament we held this month!