Painting Competition Ground Attack Helix - Work in Progress

A fair old number of pictures in this update... may even do a step by step painting guide on these guys in the future. 

Step 1: Remove the flash

Step 2: The undercoat (including the bases)

Step 3: The basecoat colours. 

In this case its Macragge Blue for the Aquans & Gorthor Brown for the bases

Step 4: The colours, adding Purple & Red to the sections of the models that need it. The red I will bring up to a light Orange / Yellow, and the purple I will just highlight

From the bottom and the top.

Step 5: 

Adding the second layer of the basic colour. In this case Hydra Turquoise from Army Painter. 

I have literally done one side of the hulls on four of the models, and you can see in some cases where I was holding the model (given that it doesn't have the paint yet!)

One more evening of painting (tonight), and then a little bit of Friday after my gaming club with an aim to finish them before the end of the 4th March!

Lots of fun!