Directorate Recon Helix Unboxing

Time for another unboxing. This time the Recon Helix for the Directorate. 

Lots of pictures after the jump

As you can see below the box has four plastic wrap bags containing the models, with the Resin and metal separate. 

Here are all the contents laid out. 

This shot shows the Deadlock Infantry, I was lucky enough to get a spare Deadlock that I integrated onto one of my standard Patriot bases. 

Now for the Anarchists, they bring some decent Interceptor firepower, and form the command element of this Helix. 

The Intruders are here to add a little extra Interceptor firepower and to get the Patriots & Deadlocks from A to B.

The Six Infantry bases for the Patriots,although soon to be augmented by the Infantry upgrade box I got. 

And finally some shots of the infantry clipped and glued in place.