Aquan Ground Attack Unboxing

So, new Helix, new phone for the pictures... apparently new picture shapes!!!

More Piccys after the jump, these are the guys I intend to submit into the unofficial Planetfall painting comp on the forums.

 So first up, the contents of the box, all nicely wrapped up.

And then the five flyers out on display, love the designs of these models, a little bit of flash in the gaps in the wings, but easy to remove.

Another shot showing the contents of the other bag, five flight stands, and the small pieces of resin where the flight peg connects.

The underside of these models are just as awesome as the models from the top.

A couple of shots to show the items as I work to remove the flash.

And an action shot of my removing the flash (not really as doing so one handed would not have ended well!)

The five models without flash, and with the flight peg holders glued in place. 

Now to see if I can get them painted before the end of the 4th March... under 72 hours to go, three days or work and a baby to look after and a pre arranged wargame on Friday.

Oh, and the disaster that is not having the one paint I need to get the main body of the minatures done....

This will be fun!