Aquan Ground Attack - the Final pictures!

Over an hour to spare and completed... its been a fun ride, and I look forward to my next helix... lots and lots of WIP pictures after the jump!

So these were the models this morning, most of the highlighting completed. 

Now I have applied the Agrax Earthshade to them to tone them down and make them look that little bit more dirty. 

From the top

And from the bottom (well the one thats still upright because at this point I had just disconnected the flight stand from the bottom by accident! 

A few close ups of the detail on the bottom that will likely rarely be seen! 

And now some shots of them on their stands, although the bases weren't complete, and the underside wasn't varnished. 

I use the 'adcoat from Games Workshop as I like my fishy race to be nice and shiny, slick like they have just come out of the Water. 

A note to others, varnishing the show side (the top) is significantly easier if they are on their flight stand! 

And below the flight stands themselves as a work in progress, a couple of different types of flock and then something to represent some slightly larger bushes. 

And finally the completed models, top and bottom. Here we have the Kalari. 

And here the Comanu

And put all together on their stands and in flight.