Planetfall Mini Tournament

So last weekend it was one of my local clubs Saturday sessions, £2 for a day's gaming (9-6) not bad value at all me thinks. 

This time we managed to arrange an impromtu intro session / planetfall tournament. We only had 4 entrants, but at least we managed to represent all four races! 

We were also lucky enough to have the Games Designer Derek present to watch, comment (and occasionally help my opponent!)

Lots of piccys after the jump.

My first opponent Chris was playing only his second game of Planetfall, and his first playing it solo (ie without a team mate). He used Directorate to face off against my Aquans.

It was a closely fought game leading to a narrow victory (-17 / 5) to myself. I call that narrow because Chris only needed 5 points in the final turn to change me from a Major to minor victory. 

For his second game, not a bad effort at all. 

In the shot above you can see a lone SirSir that was a Forlorn hope had charged forward to try and kill something before it died! 

Further down the games hall you can see the spare table we had setup to use, along with the other table in use by John & Andy. 

They played Relthozan vs Terrans and this one was even closer, with the Terrans nicking it 2 / -2 on the final turn. A loan Valkyrie Recon tank survived a torrent of firepower to deny John a draw.

A quick aerial shot showing a number of Relthozan Spires that had dropped in to threaten the Terrans up close and personal.

A bit of a longer shot of the room and all the players we had attending the club on the day. Off the top of my head we had games of 40k, Maulifaux, Boardgames & X-Wing plus Planetfall going on!

The second game saw me pitted against Andy and his victorious Terrans. I swear, he actually won all the roll

The two shots above show our initial deployment & battle lines. 

This one (apparently the last one I took in the frenzy of the game) shows turn 1 about midway through, as you can see my Recon unit is rushing up on the left flank to go for the primary, and with the aim of pinning my opponent back to defend it while I go for the Seconday & kills. 

Overall results

Round 1:
John vs Chris:17 / 5
John vs Andy: - 2 / -2

Round 2:
John vs Andy: -5 / 25
John vs Chris: -2 / 5

In the end three victories for the Kurak Alliance, 1 for the Zenian League and lots of fun had. Admittedly (and hence no prizes) I was playing as someone with the most experience, so it turned out to be very much a learning tournament for all involved. 

We are planning on doing something similar in March, before potentially holding our first tournament proper in May.