Painting for last year...

Somehow this fell out of my auto posting, but as its written and might be vaguely interesting I thought I would post it up.

I normally don't do much in the way of tracking my painted models, as generally I dont get that many models painted.

However this year, somehow, I have actually got an awful lot of models painted, so I thought it was time to revisit it.

So this year:

Directorate Planetfall

Leviathan Helix (Leviathan Model, 8 Infantry Bases, Haunter Tank)
Core Helix (Two Heavy Tanks, Six Medium Tanks, 8 Light Tanks, 12 infantry bases, 4 Specialist tanks)
Heavy Helix (One Heavy Tank, Three medium tanks, 1 Specialist Tank)

Aquan Planetfall

Aquan Core Helix (Two Heavy Tanks, Six Medium Tanks, 8 Light Tanks, 12 infantry bases, 4 Crystals, 4 Stingray Batteries, 4 Sky Drop Markers, 2 Specialist tanks)
Aquan Recon Helix (Two Medium Tanks, 4 Light Tanks, 12 Infantry Bases
Aquan Heavy Helix (One Heavy Tanks, Three Medium Tanks, 1 Specialist Tank, 2 Crystals, 2 Stingrays, 2 Sky Drop Markers
Aquan Leviathan Helix (Leviathan Model, 4 Light Tanks
Aquan Aerial Helix (1 Heavy Interceptor, 4 Light Interceptors)
Aquan Infantry Upgrade Kit (9 Weapon Bases, 9 Sweeper bases, 3 Command Bases)
Terquai Recon Helix (1 Heavy Flyer, 2 Sky Drop Markers, 2 Portals, 10 Infantry Bases)

Dindrenzi Planetfall

Core Helix (Heavy Tank, 3 Medium Tanks, 5 Light Tanks, 2 Drop Pods, 8 Infantry)


Engineers - 6 Players (all Season 1)
Butchers - 5 Players (all Season 1)

Warmachine - Convergence

Heavy Vector
Light Vector
Light Vector
10 Infantry - Reductors
5 Infantry - Perforators
3 Solos
3 Infantry - Clockwork Angels

Betrayal at Clath - 30k

Contemptor Dreadnought

In addition to these completions I have also started (and am most of the way through)...

Aquan Light Infantry upgrade Box

Rense System Navy Assault Helix
3 Tactical Squads (Betrayal at Clath)
2 Praetors (Betrayal at Clath)
Roboute Guilliman
Additional Plague members for my Deadzone faction.

It will be interesting to see what I can achieve in 2016... only two months down, ten to go.