Gaming in Feb

Not the most successful January gaming I have ever had, but overall still pretty happy with the games I have managed to play. 

Directorate vs Terrans - 3500, 19 / 1 (Loss)
Aquans vs Directorate - 5000, -9 / 5 (Win)
Aquans vs Directorate - 3500, -12 / 5 (Win)
Aquans vs Terrans - 3500, -2 / 12 (Win)

Crystellans vs Forgefathers - Won 4-0

Painting in Feb
Lots of little bits of work done on different models, but I havent actually managed to complete anything, no paint touched my Ultramarines, they are sitting on their shelf awaiting some TLC.

The Dindrenzi & Relthozan Core Helixes got a bit more work, edging them closer to completion.

While the Aquan Infantry Helix moved along with another base or two, I still have a number of these to get sorted.

The downside is I managed to swing another 5 boxes of Planetfall minis to paint... they will likely arrive this week.

The plus side is thats 5 unboxing posts, but it is also 5 helixes to paint. 

At the moment I think I need to finish the couple of Helixes that are on the verge of completing this month... that should set me up nicely for the other models. 


ahmadan said…
Business as usual, then? :-D Inflow always seem to be more than outflow...

Personally I've only extended myself to two new Helixes this month (GA and FS), with Assault coming in a month... Of course, I might have gotten some Taskforce as well, just to further complicate the issue.

Which Helix are you aiming to enter in the painting contest?
Kraggi said…
Thinking the Ground Attack Helix, given that I will only have 1-2 days to complete it... if I am lucky.

I basically need it delivered today, which will be missed , for me to then collect from the post office tomorrow, spray tomorrow night (after unboxing piccys of course) and then have thursday to paint them up and submit....