Forgeworld Weapons

Not sure how many of you noticed (as it slipped by my nose) but Forgeworld have re-released the Space Marine Upgrade kits.

These basically allow you to buy special weapons by the bucket load for your 30k (or 40k) marines.

All the details after the jump.

First up we have the Legion Combi-bolter Set which rocks in at £15, with 15 guns in the set thats a reasonable £1 a gun / £1.12 (inc uk Postage).

Following that you get the £13 Heavy Weapon sets, 5 sets in each of these.

Legion Volkite Culverin Set
Legion Heavy Flamer Set
Legion Heavy Bolter Set
Legion Rotor Cannon Set
Legion Autocannon Set

We then move onto the Bolgun options, with a bunch of different boltguns (including Bayonets on most of them). 10 in each of these.

Tigrus Pattern Bolter (10)
Umbra Pattern Bolters (10)
Phobos Pattern Bolter (10)
Seeker Bolters (10)
Umbra Ferrox Pattern Bolters (10)

And finally the Special Weapon sets, giving you a nice number of Special Weapons for Support Squads in your Horus Heresy army (that get upto 10 in a unit), or just for your normal Space Marine army.

Volkite Calvier Set (10)
Volkite Charger Set
Plasma Gun Set (10)
Meltagun Set (10)
Flamer Set (10)
Graviton Gun Set (10)

Not bad purchases if you are in need of a shed load of special weapons, and actually quite hard to find on the FW site without searching specifically for the words above (without the brackets).