The painting table this week

As those of you who read my blog regularly, or know me personnally might know or have realised I tend to jump around a bit in my hobby time 

Nothing shows it quite as well as my paint table. 

Three Game Systems, and one of those game systems has three sets of models all at different levels of painting. 

Lots more pictures after the jump! 

This is pretty much a typical evening of painting for me. 

First up we have a Cataphractti Terminator with Lightning Claws, all ready to rumble, with just his base needing finishing. 

Hiding behind him is the Cataphractti Captain.

Next up we have the rest of the Cataphractti terminators, again awaiting their base for them to be considered truly finished. 

Here we have the LR6 Crones from the Works Raptor Recon Helix for Planetfall, if you look closely (and please don't) you may be able to see the one that got ruined when my spray can when overdoes on red! 

Here is a quick snap of the Covenant of Antartica Dreadnought for Dystopian Wars, I still haven't managed any major games of this since 2.0 came out but I do like the models so am slowly painting my way through them. 

This one its the Cron.... no wait! Its the 5 Tactical marines, just two shades of blue of them, and a further 15 awaiting their second shade, but by painting them in batches of 5 I hope not to kill myself before I finish them, and hopefully will have them all done before the next 30k boxed set comes out, assuming the rumours are true! 

The Chaplin, although I don't think I will use him in that capacity. He has more paint than the Tactical Marines, but less than the Terminators, although he is coming along nicely he still needs a bit more work! 

The same guy from the back, really enjoying painting the cloaks... next time I hope to have some more shots of Roboute Gilliman.