Planetfall Assault Helixes

Very excited about these guys. 

Not all of the models from every faction look awesome to me, some I plain just don't like.

But having run through the Assault Helix they all look amazing! 

The Dindrenzi, looking as lethal as I expected. 

Very happy with the Aquans, seen a few people comment on the models having the same pose (the two tri-pods) will have to look at how they are assembled as I agree some flexibility could be good there. 

The Directorate.... very very impressed didn't expect them to look as good as this! 

The Relthozan's are interesting, definitely getting the Bug vibe off them.

The Big Mechs here are probably my favourite of this release... reminds me of the robots from Real Steel which I actually quite enjoyed. 

Finally the gun bots, well probably not guns per se as its an assault helix... maybe some form of laser cutter!!!

All in all colour me impressed!