Planetfall Assault Helix Unboxing (RSN)

Christmas & New Year, always a great time. Hopefully Santa was good to all of you and either got your something hobby related, or found a way to sneak the money in to a card for you to do that yourself. 

In my case I got some money to pick up a few models, the first of which was a bit of an impulse buy....

Dont forget you can find all of my posts about the Firestorm Universe here

So the Rense System Navy has always appealed due to their Fanatical devotion to the destruction of all things Terran

(Remember Dramos!)

Its one of the Allied helixs and is a smaller Spartan box that one of their fully fledged Helixes. Below you can see the Temple of Dramos.

That base is 100mm x 100mm (and the Deadzone mat its on is 3" x 3") to help for scale, although there are a few examples of that later on.

As usual for Spartan very straightforward to assemble, this is without removing any flash it slots together near perfectly. 

And the underside. 

Which is basically one giant Garage to house the tanks it can deploy. 

With a bit of pokery jiggery I managed to get it assembled with no glue to give you an idea to its height.

This baby gets Sky Dropped in (think Deep Strike / Titanfall) and will do well in its blocking of Line of Sight due to the sheer size of it. 

Now for a couple of scale shots. First up here it is next to Directorate Castigator Heavy Tank.

And now Surrounded by some models from several other games systems. 

Next up we have the Seraph light tanks, read a lot about these on the forums and looking forward to getting to see them in action.

They arrive in the Temple of Dramos and should therefore be able to survive at least one turn unharmed to be able to deploy to the table and do some serious damage. 

Finally the ArchAngel. This one looks very fun to put together with some nice poseability, although the arms not having any flex is a small disappointment

Above are a few more snaps of the rest of the Archanagels pieces, I will make sure to get some WIP pictures up of this guy as I assemble him as he looks to be very very cool!