Planetfall - All the Directorate I own

Above you can see an 'aerial' shot of all the Directorate that I currently own. This consists of a Full Core Helix, Leviathan Firepower Helix, Heavy Helix & a Recon Helix. 

Lots more pictures after the jump!

Above you can see the Leviathan Helix, the Haunter transport is currently embarked on the Leviathan itself, and the 8 bases of Infantry that make up the grand company are arranged infront of it. 

The back six models in this picture make up the Heavy Armour helix. I still need to finish the base on the Punisher drone (far left), but overall this helix is done! 

Here you can see the one Helix letting the team down, the Works Raptor guys. I inverted their colour scheme, silver on red instead of red on silver as they are allies and a faction in their own right (in the future). Pretty happy with the Works Raptor Witches (the three at the back).

Now for a few snaps of the full core Helix, there are an awful lot of models in this helix. 

A close up of the Transport, Scouts & Cyber Tanks. 

And the same upclose on the other side. 

The rest of the Core Helix.

Now I can field all of this in one game as I dont have two of any Helix, I do need to add some Infantry upgrade stands (so you can tell which of my bases are special etc), and I need to look at adding the Recon, Aerial & Field Support Helixes to this force to fully flesh it out with the current releases.

Coming next I expect to see the Assault helix around Feb / Mar so still a way to go, but this faction is coming along nicely!