Firestorm Taskforce

Firestorm Task force. 

This sounds pretty exiting.

The official blurb 

What can you do in 30 minutes? You could order a pizza, get a haircut or... Play Firestorm Taskforce! Introducing the new fast-action space combat game so many of you have been waiting for. 

Firestorm Taskforce is an exciting new addition to our Firestorm Galaxy, which will now allow you to speed up your game-play to between 30-45 minutes, reduce gaming space and lower introductory costs for new gamers, whilst remaining FULLY compatible with all our current Firestorm Armada models.

We’ll be kicking off Taskforce with three new two-player Starter Sets, encompassing all six core races:
- Terran Allianca vs Dindrenzi Federation
- Aquan Prime vs The Directorate
- Sorylian Collective vs The Relthoza

Inside each box you’ll find everything you need to play the game in 30+ action-packed minutes. The new models inside are also our first to embrace a modular design build, something you’ll all be seeing a lot more across our future Firestorm models. 

For existing Firestorm Armada players, individual race Reinforcement Sets are also available. We'll be announcing this release in full on our website later this evening, so for more information head to

Pieces after the Jump!

Now I love Firestorm Armada models, and I don't mind the rules, but the problem I really have is:

Getting Games
Finding time to play

When using just starter boxes can take over an hour and a half to play it puts a real crimp at getting new people involved.

Part of what attracted me to Planetfall so much was the quick play time, and the deeper tactics behind it. 

I am hopeful that Firestorm Task force is going to give us something similar for Firestorm Armada that might get people to buy the models, and potentially either lead into the full game, or that functions on its own for huge fleet engagements! 

So what they have provided us thus far is the snap shots of the six major races and what their new ships will look like 

So far I am pretty happy with these models they all fit within the asthetic of each race, but look pretty nice at the same time. 

And there is more.

Below they include a quick assembly guide to show some of the modularisation that can only be a good thing for Spartan Games as a whole as well as this games system.

So what do you think? A new exciting addition, or something to be avoided? Given that Spartan tend to put all their rules up for free I can only think this is a good thing as their models are pretty damn sweet and deserve more table time!