Dreadball: Void Sirens

These girls are my go to team for Dreadball events / leagues. 

At distance they look pretty pink, but are actually in Superman colours of Red & Blue. 

I dont think these are my best paint job, but they look pretty good on the table, and I currently have 1 model to paint fully and several to finish basing to call them complete.

Performance wise I really love them on the pitch, they only have one guard, but have plenty of strikers, and Jacks that can do the role of a guard nicely with the Running Interference ability on all of them.

Running Interference basically allows you to move one Hex (at any point in another players move) and call a Slam (tackle), you don't have to do this, you could just move them to put tackle zones on the target, but slamming is so much more satisfying.

Since Dreadball has your turn end if you lose the ball its best used against the ball carrier, or to intercept a pass.