Horus Heresy Week

For the next 7 days I am going to aim to do one post per day about the Horus Heresy, the 30k setting and the Betrayal at Calth game.

Having received the game yesterday at Winter War (a local Charity event tournament) its time to get my wiggle on, get some models painted, army lists built and get back into the Sci-fi setting for Warhammer! 

So what are my plans?

Here are my thoughts around the 'blog plan' for the week.

Monday - Unboxing Betrayal at Calth
Tuesday - Betrayal at Calth - a 30k Army List
Wednesday - Betrayal at Calth at 40k Army List
Thursday - Betrayal at Calth Work In Progress Assembly / Painting 
Friday - Horus Heresy Showcase Minatures by Dragkon
Saturday - Betrayal at Calth - The Rules
Sunday - A look back

So the Rules from the Boxed game are pretty late in the week, but I will hold my hands up and admit I am not getting the box for the game itself. 

I hope that by this point in the week I will have been able to get a game in, and be able to give it a decent review.

The first three days are relatively straight foward, and Thursday relies on me actually having started modelling the models themselves. 

Friday again shouldnt be too much of a challenge as I just need time at Dragkons, to get some snaps of his mini's as they are at the moment... he currently has two Primarchs & a Character Diorama duel set as well. 

Hopefully this next week will provide you some interesting reading, and maybe (just maybe) some inspiration for your hobby.