Deadzone - Forgefather Booster Box

So a much more recent purchase for my Deadzone collection. although it has still sat there for far too long.

The Forgefather booster box.

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Its contents:

Valkyr x 1
Frag-Ramm x 1
Magma Gun x 1
Brokkr Engineer x 2

This rounds out my Forgefather set so that it is complete, with all models now owned. The Valkyr bike is actually pretty dang cool, and I do like my space Squats

Probably not enough Forgefathers for me to do a game of Warpath when it comes out, but I reckon there will be enough for firestorm, and for Deadzone Redux

The Inferno Gun

The Frag-Ramm.. .can't wait to detonated this in someones face! 

One of the two Engineers.

The Valkyr bike... I do very much like this and the detail.