Aquan Leviathan (El-Shami) painted

So not a complete helix, but as I finally managed to complete my Aquan Leviathan, I think it deserved a post all on its own.

Lots of pictures after the jump! 

So here we have the towering beast that is the El-Shami, the head section is not glued to the legs, and allows for a little rotation, and a pretty safe attachment with its ball and socket joint. 

This guy has worked very well I think, the 'Ardcoat making him look glistening, just the way I want all my Aquans to. 

You can see the two fearsome titan solar lasers underneath the head of the model, with independent targetting these guys are outstanding at dealing with multiple threats, and with 8 shield dice and shrug off a chunk of firepower! 

A quick overhead shot, while highlighting isnt my forte, I think between my attempt, the 'ardcoat & the Earthshade wash he looks pretty nice! 

So far the El-Shami has proved its worth in every game I have taken it in, and hopefully will continue to do so, either due to the volume of fire it attracts, or the damage it causes!