Aquan Infantry Upgrade Pack

So I debating long and hard about whether I wanted to buy these, not because I didn't want them, but more because I already had 24 bases of Aquan infantry to paint.

By getting this I have just added another 21 bases...

Anyway with my infantry bases basically requiring just a varnish for the wetlook I like my Aquans to have it didn't seem like a bad time to get them.

This has resulted in me half opening the box, again no unboxing (although you can click here for a nice video).

Opening them in the rush that I did means that I have some pictures of 9 of the bases half painted, and 12 of them unpainted.

I do like how the Sweeper teams have been designed as they really stand out, and the Gun teams look nice and menacing as well

All in all, very impressed!

As you can see from below the Gun team painting has started. I intially was going to go for a metallic barrier, but given that I have managed to avoid that on all of my Aquan models thus far I changed my mind and decided to go for one of their other colours (Purple) and will see how I can get this to work.