Aquan Aerial Interceptor Helix - Painted!

So I posted a little while ago that about these guys, and in record time for me I can now post some pictures of them fully painted, and with their own bases! 

Lots of pictures, after the jump!  

So these models were pretty fun to paint, hence how quickly I managed to get them done! While it was only five models I am pretty happy with how they look, and am debating a second box, just because! 

Here we have the 4 Minnari, the softer version of the Heavy flyer. 

The 'Ardcoat works pretty well on all my Aquan models, but I am very happy with the result on these guys! 

The Vorati Heavy Interceptor looks pretty sweet, and i can very much see this bad boy swooping in to deal with enemy flyers, it puts out a decent amount of firepower as well, and can refocus Lasers shot at it, to hit enemy targets. 

Very sleek, very nice models, totally and utterly satisfied with them, hopefully you liked the pictures!