A Small Delay.

Work this week has pretty much swamped me, meaning that despite having a clear plan of action for posts, it has all fallen a little bit by the wayside. 

But Fear not! 

The Horus Heresy week will return next week as I am off work, and will actually have some time (around Battlefront) to get the model assembly started and the blog posts fully written.

In the mean time I can only apologise for anyone that managed to read the posts that went up without any content! 

On the plus side my work life has me doing short hop train commutes at the moment which has gotten me back into reading the Horus Heresy series, and it seemed only fitting to start reading Know No Fear.

Getting the full story of Calth seemed only fitting and I think it has inspired me as to what chapter my Horus Heresy minatures will be getting painted in.

I am pretty sure they will stay as Word Bearers or Ultramarines from the boxed set, but I am currently trying to be sure which of the two I will go for. 

For now it looks like the Ultramarines will win out, but before I put paint to model I would like to be sure!